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 Budden, Diane P. 2010. Shade: A story about a very smart raven. Red Rock
                      Mountain Press.   http://redrockwriting.com  Training a raven to serve in
                      search and rescue.

Dudden, Diane P. 2013.  The Un-Common Raven:  One Smart Bird.  Red Rock
                     Mountain Press.  http://uncommonraven.com.  A short guide to the common
                     raven (Corvus corax), illustrated by my photos.

Feher-Elston, C.  2005.  Ravensong: A Natural and Fabulous History of Raven and
 Jeremy P. Tracher/Penguin.  First published by Northland Press 1991.


Hassler, L.  2008.  The Raven: Soaring Through History, Legend & Lore.  Rio Nuevo
                     Publishers.   Great short summary.


Heinrich, B  1991.  Ravens in Winter.  Vintage Books.   A classic scientific study.


Heinrich, B.  1999.  Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-bird
                   Cliff Street Books.     Even more of a classic.


Marzluff, J. & T. Angell.  2005.  In the Company of Crows and Ravens.  Yale University.
                    Interprets the relationships between these birds and humans as “coevolution”.


Savage, C.  1995.  Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and
Sierra Club Books.      Excellent information on, and photos of, corvids.


Woolfson, E.  2009.  Corvus: A Life with Birds.  Counterpoint.  Charming account  of                                       living with and observing corvids.






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